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Taking brands from strength to strength

Founded by Howard Shaughnessy and Georges Pharand in 1995, Fragrance Factory came into the industry to help medium size brands gain a foothold in the department store driven UK market. Building on the successful transformation of Burberry, the next fifteen years saw the growth of their vision when they secured other brands such as Ferrari, Loewe, GAP, Banana Republic and Jasper Conran. 2004 marked their entry into product development and the home fragrance arena with Designers Guild and The Royal Collection. When a long term joint venture was agreed to take Burberry forward in the UK market, including Burberry Beauty, the company had come to be recognised as one of the most exciting distributors in the industry. Fragrance Factory is constantly adding to the diversity of their portfolio, with brands such as Jack Black, Esteban and The Merchant of Venice.

Did you know that Fragrance Factory

  • Are committed to allowing people to spread their wings and have gained a strong reputation for nurturing talent
  • Being London-based, they attract the best skills around, this is why their energy results in one of the most dynamic teams in the beauty industry
  • Run a product development department which creates new products on behalf of our brands

"We're committed to a way of working that allows people to spread their wings, and we have gained a reputation for nurturing talent"

Howard Shaughnessy & Georges Pharand
Founding Managing Directors


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